Customized textures in the bathroom with SpaghettiWall wallpapers

spaghetti bath cop

The fiberglass substrates from SpaghettiWall, available in the three basic colours white, gold and black, are the wallcoverings offered by the brand that can be used in bathrooms, even in direct contact with water. These surfaces with a subtle texture guarantee high performance: they resist wear and tear and are easy to wash and sanitise thanks to the ‘Waterproof finish’, that ensures the total impermeability of the covering while preserving the colour and patterns printed on it.

Fiberglass wallpapers are installed in 90cm rolls and can accommodate the graphics of the nine catalogue collections, also with extensive customisation. The various images are in fact resized, from time to time, according to the wall or its proportion on which they are to be applied: an example is the shower niche, where the wallpaper enhances the space of personal well-being par excellence, whether in the domestic or hospitality environment.

From minute patterns to large designs, artistic textures or with geometric cleanness, the SpaghettiWall proposal, designed by important graphic artists and designers, make the bathroom environment unique and define it now with elegance, now with an explosion of colour and perspective effects and the possibility of full-wall or boiserie application.

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