Bross for the wine room of a large “Italian style” villa in Moscow

Bross_Residential project Koddiz 02

Italian-style living about 2,500 kilometers from the borders of the “Bel Paese”. The residential project of the Koddiz studio, in Moscow Russia, is a celebration of the typical Italian style and design, of which it reflects the attention to detail, the clean but never minimal shapes, the selection of materials – wood, stone, metals, fabrics – and their combinations. Arranged on two levels and immersed in the countryside not far from the capital, the villa opens through large windows onto the garden of the property and on the inside it shows an accurate play of double heights, with finishes and solutions that accentuate its elegance. An example of this is the large living area, the real heart of the house, whose ceiling, at 6.5 meters, is interrupted by a black track with directional spotlights, which defines a contemporary decorative frame.

The living room floor is made of dark wood slats and covered with a large grey carpet on which the talking area unfolds, with an island sofa, comfortable armchairs with brown leather inserts and a sculptural hanging chandelier.

Two of its sides are entirely windowed: one divides the inside and the outside, the other separates the living room from the area most loved by the owners, a room entirely dedicated to wine tasting.  Here the ceiling is instead made of wooden panels, which harmonize perfectly with the wall – covered in grey stone slabs – where the cellars are built for the storage of bottles. The tasting moment therefore takes place at the large rectangular marble table in the centre of the room, around which the Nora armchairs by Bross have been placed: the details of their design, curated by Michael Schmidt, and the combination of enveloping shapes and materials confirm the architectural style chosen by Koddiz for the interior design of the luxurious residence.

Nora owes its identity to the structure: the back legs, in solid stained ash wood, extend to define the lower profile of the armrest, with a double decorative and functional value. The shell, on the other hand, is in brown velvet, a shade that binds, together with grey, white and black, all the rooms of the large villa that extends for over 450 square meters and includes a large kitchen and dining room, 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

An ambitious and international residential project, which distances itself from the typical image of a ‘country house’ to embrace a sophisticated and essential style, where the concept of luxury is expressed through a meticulous selection of furnishings, finishes, textiles and volumes.

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